The ASEAN Digital Minister s’ Meeting (ADGMIN1) and Related Meeting held virtually throughout the week has been smooth. In addition to the presence of ASEAN Digital Ministers, today’s meeting session was also accompanied by representatives of ASEAN dialogue partners such as China, Japan, India, Korea Republic, European Union, United States and the International Telecommunications Union (THAT).

ASEAN Ministers launch the ASEAN Digital Master Plan 2025 (ADM 2025) which will be a 5-year guideline to realize digital aspirations by strengthening regional cooperation in developing the digital sector of ASEAN. The development and seal of this plan is the result of close cooperation and active collabs by all member states of ASEAN. Malaysia is also willing to share experience and increase capacity in cybersecurity through programs such as Global Accreditation Cyber Security (Global ACE) by @CyberSecurity Malaysia.

The meeting has also reached agreement in the Putrajaya Declaration themed ‘ASEAN – A Digital Linked Community’ to build safe and sustainable communities and digital economies in the Asian region. The meeting also agreed that Myanmar will host for the next meeting in the end of 2021.

I give my appreciation to my peers from ASEAN countries and ASEAN dialogue partners who participated in this meeting. Well done and a thousand thanks to Kementerian Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia, KKMM people who worked hard with colleagues of the ASEAN region to ensure this meeting runs smoothly.