Malaysia’s Creative Industry Boost Package (PRISMA) has been launched today as an effort to help art activists in production of work as well as re-evolving creative industries affected by the COVID-19. pandemic.

PRISMA has 3 key focuses on facilitating masterpiece production, enabling the capacity and skills of creative industry activists, as well as expanding market access to local creative products. A total of RM89. 2 million is allocated through 32 programs including 4 categories that are Film, Music, Digital Creative Content & Visual Arts and Performance & Crafts. As much as RM67. 7 million from this allocation is a grant-shaped program, while RM9 million in the form of loans and RM12. 5 million is shaped by broadcast slots.

PRISMA is expected to benefit over 9,000 art activists while creating over 40,000 job opportunities. In addition, 60 % of the entire program has been improved to facilitate application processes and procedures and methods of distribution.

Art activists can find more information regarding PRISMA on Kementerian Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia, KKMM website: